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This Community is for all the rednecks out there. No one has to tell you that you are or are not a redneck you just know. Please feel free to post what ever you what but just remember I have the final say so. Please, no bitchin' at each other.

Rednecks don't have to live in the South , There are a lot of Northern rednecks, and hillbillies. True Rednecks are honest hard working people that try to make life better for themselves and their families. Farm kids, country folk , and any hard working person can be a redneck. For the sake of the educated world , please try to spell correct. I don't care if ya say "ya, y'all, fer, yer, pertnear, etc" fine go for it. But don't go all deep south, upper , slang or any other language that most of us don't know. I'd hate for me to speak upper and have none of you understand it.