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Hank Sr. and III lithograph on eBay! 
03:20pm 05/09/2006
  good luck bidding! This is a rare and very limited lithograph accquired from an estate sale in early 2005. Click the pic to bid.

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03:06pm 18/08/2006
good book..... er...... 
03:11pm 09/06/2006
  so, i read a really good book the other day......
no shoes, no shirt, no problem! by jeff foxworthy. i was really surprised. it wasn't just a buttload of you might be a redneck jokes. it was really really good. you should all go get a copy.
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02:26pm 07/05/2006
  Hey there!!! I'm fresh guy here :). I'm from Russia and i wanna know - is there any identical christians?  
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02:11am 15/02/2006
  r u guys anti semitic?  
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hey ya'll 
01:25pm 13/01/2006
  hey im kendall.
i live in a little town in texas, pop.1981. on of the biggest hicks in my school. im probably one of the few girls that are hciks in my school. i love to go huntin and ficshin and riding around, drinkin, working outside, i cant stand to be inside, i have to get dirty, i can hold my own. im big in the FFA, when i say big i mean BIG! ... lol... comment to me if you want to. l8r
15 days 
07:17am 02/10/2005
  In 15 days i get to go home and drink some beers. Iraq has been shity but im about to get a break.  
New guy 
04:26am 19/09/2005
  Hay everyone, in dave. I like beer, Im curantly in Iraq, should be back in georgia in about 4 months.  
12:42pm 20/07/2005
  hay im a Redneck outta cali. i want to meet some other rednecks out there. not much to me but hay what can u do.  
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12:08pm 31/05/2005

Hey Everyone,

 I've just changed the rules. Post whatever you want, when ever you want.

  I just came home from my week long holiday to Orlando , Fl. I love FL mind you but it was a bit hot for this girl. the humdity was like 90% all week. My friend ended up in the hospital for asthma. yuck, although the EMT guy was hot!!!   I seen a huge 2st National Cofederate Flag over the high way!I hope they never take it down. 

 Matt may come up for the 4th of July!! I hope he does, I miss my Iowa farm boy.

JP & I are going camping in AUG. before I head out to WYO. I'm gonna miss him so much.

 looks like mum & JJ are driving me out. I tryed looking for a rd that would take us south but  US 88 takes us a houndred miles out of our way. Doesn't look like I'll be able to stop in IA. maybe he can meet us in SD

  GTG, Eve 

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12:47pm 30/04/2005
  Hey New Guy,
As you see it's just us 3 so far. you can post anything you want , it just has to go though me first. OK? Good. Have fun, Love, Eve
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12:18pm 20/04/2005
  Died February 28, 1993
in initial BATF assault on Mount Carmel

Winston Blake 28
Peter Gent 24
Peter Hipsman 28
Perry Jones 64
Michael Schroeder 29
Jaydean Wendell 34

Died April 19, 1993
burnt or shot to death during FBI assault

Katherine Andrade 24
Chanel Andrade 1
Jennifer Andrade 19
George Bennett 35
Susan Benta 31
Mary Jean Borst 49
Pablo Cohen 38
Abedowalo Davies 30
Shari Doyle 18
Beverly Elliot 30
Evette Fagan 32
Doris Fagan 51
Lisa Marie Farris 24
Raymond Friesen 76
Sandra Hardial 27
Zilla Henry 55
Vanessa Henry 19
Phillip Henry 22
Paulina Henry 24
Stephen Henry 26
Diana Henry 28
Novellette Hipsman 36
Floyd Houtman 61
Sherri Jewell 43
David M. Jones 38
David Koresh 33
Rachel Koresh 24
Cyrus Koresh 8
Star Koresh 6
Bobbie Lane Koresh 2
Jeffery Little 32
Nicole Gent Little and unborn child 24
Dayland Gent 3
Page Gent 1
Livingston Malcolm 26
Diane Martin 41
Wayne Martin, Sr. 42
Lisa Martin 13
Sheila Martin, Jr. 15
Anita Martin 18
Wayne Martin, Jr. 20
Julliete Martinez 30
Crystal Martinez 3
Isaiah Martinez 4
Joseph Martinez 8
Abigail Martinez 11
Audrey Martinez 13
John-Mark McBean 27
Bernadette Monbelly 31
Rosemary Morrison 29
Melissa Morrison 6
Sonia Murray 29
Theresa Nobrega 48
James Riddle 32
Rebecca Saipaia 24
Steve Schneider 43
Judy Schneider 41
Mayannah Schneider 2
Clifford Sellors 33
Scott Kojiro Sonobe 35
Floracita Sonobe 34
Gregory Summers 28
Aisha Gyrfas Summers and unborn child 17
Startle Summers 1
Lorraine Sylvia 40
Rachel Sylvia 12
Hollywood Sylvia 1
Michelle Jones Thibodeau 18
Serenity Jones 4
Chica Jones 2
Little One Jones 2
Neal Vaega 38
Margarida Vaega 47
Mark H. Wendell 40
12:32am 28/03/2005
  Hey, I'm so bored. I've pissed off a very good friend ans I don't knoe what I did. I kinda have an idea but I'm not sure. guys suck. why can't they jsut say what they're feelin'?  
10:34am 19/03/2005


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